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Dear Sir,
Let us take this opportunity to introduce you our products that will help you significantly reduce the total volume of water used in your hotel.
Hotels consume substantial amounts of water every day. It is important not to restrict customers in their individual requirements. So you need to reduce water without losing comfort. It has never been as easy as now. Upgrade your fixtures to modern saving-mixers and saving-showers now!
Mannesmann delivers the solution for that; water saving aerators and constant flow regulators. They are small, compatible, reliable and efficient. Since 1999 Mannesmann has been producing these technical marvels which are fittable to water taps and showers which ensure a very high water efficiency. We offer a wide selection of superior quality water saving products. 
FlowSmart® water saving aerators and flow regulators are suitable for use in every hotel. We offer different thread sizes, dimensions and finishings.
By replacing existing water tap aerators with water efficient aerators and fitting “flow regulator” to your shower heads you can save up to 50 litres per guest of water and reduce your water consumption by at least 20% - without any loss of comfort. This saving, which can easily be calculated, can be considered as a measure of efficiency.
Mannesmann water saving devices enable comfortable washing and showering and they keep constant heat of water while the line pressure is high.
Leading hotel chains, hospitals, local authorities and enterprises are included clients using Mannesmann water saving devices.
Please feel free to contact me as I can answer all your questions about our products. Let me lead you to find the right solution for your application area.  
I will look forward to getting your return e-mail or telephone call, if you are interested in water efficiency. Meanwhile, please take your time to study our brief literature on our products shown below.

Best regards,
Ramazan TANSU (Mr.) | Export Sales / Project Manager

Yakuplu Merkez Mah., 63. Sok. EVAL PLAZA No. 19/7
Beylikdüzü, TR-34550 ISTANBUL | TURKEY

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Brief Literature
Who We Are
We are a German origin company operating and manufacturing water saving devices in Turkey for over 17 years now. We exclusively supply to hotel accomodations worldwide. Mannesmann is one of the top water efficiency companies in the region. We specialize in water saving aerators for water taps and showers
Mannesmann Water-Saving Products
You can equip your faucets and showers with the most water-efficient products by replacing your mixers and showers and fit flow regulator to them that use less water.
Our 'simple solutions' can easily be added to your taps and showers without having to replace them. These nifty little fixtures are a great way to save water in the bathrooms of your hotel. They are easy to install and cost almost nothing, which makes them one of the best green products to invest your money in.
Reduce Your Water Bill Up To 20%
By choosing to replace your existing water tap aerators with water efficient aerators and to fit “flow regulator” to your shower heads we guarantee that you can significantly reduce your water consumption while still benefiting from an enjoyable and revitalizing experience. Not only is this good for the environment and future generations, it will reduce your water bill by at least 20%. Your financial officer will be delighted with the cost savings, which often lead to pay back already in the first three months. And your top management will increase their environmental image by demonstrating with Mannesmann water savers that they are actively engaging in protecting the climate.
Where to Apply

For Water Taps:
For the water tap in the bathroom, we offer to replace the existing regular aerator on the water tap with a flow-regulated aerator which is reducing water consumption without compromising experience. Your flow quality will not be affected but will remain the same. The result is a satisfying and voluminous flow that never exceeds 3,5 litres per minute. This will help you to reduce water flow up to 50% at water taps.
For Showers:
As to the hand showers we offer to integrate a so called “flow regulator” to your shower that allows you to gradually reduce the volume of water used up to 40%. And not only will you reduce your water consumption, but you’ll save energy too. Using less water means less energy is required to heat the water, so the benefits are twofold. The products are also fittable to wall showers and head showers (rainshowers).
Overall Saving Rate
Our water saving products allow washing hands at 3,5 l/min in faucets (instead of 7-9 litres/min) and showering at 9 l/min only (instead of 16 – 20 litres/min) in showers without anyone even noticing that less than half of the water is flowing! 

With replaced water saving aerators to your existing sink faucets and integrated flow rate reducers to your showers you will cut water use up to minimum 20% overall. These products are easy to implement and of low cost.
We have a number of affordable and easy-to-use water saving devices that can help save water in hotels.
Saving Energy and Money
With FlowSmart® you save not only water, but energy too. In this way you will do good for the environment and benefit your wallet. Less water means lower fees for cold and warm water, lower sewage fees and reduced energy costs. Using less water means less energy is required to heat the water.
WELS Certified
Our water saving products achieved an A-rating under the WELS classification system (WELS stands for “Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards”  which is an Australian water rating company).
How To Measure Flow Rate? 
You can measure the flow by using a bucket, (a 10 litre-bucket for instance) and time the flow with a watch or clock. For instance if it takes 1 minute to fill a 10 litre-bucket: 10 x 1 = 10 litres per minute. If it were to take 45 seconds: 60 seconds divided by 45 times 10 litres [(60s / 45s) x 10m] = 13,33 litres per minute.
We Can Send Free Samples:
If you are interested, we can send you free samples by DHL. Just let me know your delivery address. Upon your request, we can then send you samples which shall include; 
  1. A Faucet Aerator with integrated Flow Regulator for your water tap with a constant flow rate of 3,5 litres/min
  2. A Flow Regulator for your shower and/or rain shower with a constant flow rate of 9 litres/min. 
The given rates are pre-defined flow rates that will never be exceeded whatever the water pressure is.
Please Let Us Know Your Existing Faucet and Shower Types as well as Flow Rates:
In order to have an idea of your existing faucet types and showers would you please send us a picture of your sink faucets and showers in the guest room (including wall showers and head showers if available)? Please also measure your existing flow rates of the beforesaid fixtures. I need this to ensure that I send you the right samples.
For Water Taps:
This Mannesmann FlowSmart® Aerator is easy to attach and features an inbuilt flow regulator, which helps you to save on your water usage, making it ideal for any sink faucets.
For Water Taps:
This Mannesmann FlowSmart® Aerator is easy to attach and features an inbuilt flow regulator, which helps you to save on your water usage, making it ideal for any sink faucets.

The details and benefits of this water efficient tap aerator:
  • Water efficient – With a flow regulator of 3,5 litre per minute, compared to a standard 7 litre per minute flow rate.
  • Fully Aerated – Allows you to use less water by packing the stream with tiny, soft bubbles. Limiting splashing, reduces velocity of stream and contains anti limescale materials.
  • Easy to fit – Special tool is provided and uses the original housing to retain the design and aesthetics of tap. Simply attach the aerator to your existing tap by screwing it directly onto the outside thread. Suitable for: Female housing: 22mm – Male housing: 24mm.

For Showers:
This Mannesmann FlowSmart® Flow Regulator will regulate the flow of hot and cold water from your shower to just 9 litres per minute, to help reduce the amount of water used in your shower and therefore cut your utility bills. It has been designed to save both water and energy to cut your utulity's bills and all this at low investment costs.

The details and benefits of the water efficient regulator:
  • Water efficient – Designed to regulate the water flow to just 9 litres per minute, compared to a standard 15 litre per minute flow rate.
  • Easy to install – Fits to any standard ½” shower hose by simply screwing into the base of your shower mixer unit. •Compatibility – The EcoShower is suitable for all 1/2” size hand-held showers or side showers as well as head showers (rain showers).
  • Energy saving - You might think if your utiliy is not on a water meter that this won’t help you save money. However, did you know hot water use contributes a significant savings to energy bill? And showers are the biggest users of hot water in hotels utilities
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